Persistent Myths about SIP Trunks – Busted

Sip trunk.

Guy in trunks, sipping.

It may not shock you to learn that we sometimes use stock photography to add a little visual interest to our blogs. If you don’t use a stock photogrophy service, you’d be amazed to see how many business terms can be matched to images. “VoIP,” and “Cloud Communications,” for example, have hundreds of relevant assocaited stock photos. The other day I typed, “SIP trunks,” into the stock photo search and got this guy. He is indeed wearing trunks and sipping a delicious looking coctail, but it isn’t exactly what I had in mind. It got me thinking, if that’s the closest Shutterstock can come to SIP trunks, I wonder if there are some misunderstandings of SIP trunking out there. Let’s look at a few of the most persistent myths about SIP trunks.

1 – Call quality is poor  (e.g. “Skype-like”)

Don’t get me wrong, Skype is a great service and has done a lot to connect individuals and small businesses around the world. But, because it is a consumer grade service and because it started very early in the roll out of high speed internet connections, it has done some harm to the public’s perception of internet based-voice calling. Please be assured that SIP and Skype are not the same thing. Businesses choose SIP trunk providers that leverage tier-1 carrier networks to deliver call quality that is almost indistinguishable form traditional telephone lines. SIP clients are encouraged to deploy QoS (quality of service) to prioritize voice traffic over data traffic, to reduce jitter and latency.

2 – You can only call other SIP trunks

We’re not sure why this myth refuses to die, but we are sure that it simply isn’t true.  You can use SIP service to make or receive calls from any telephone number. This goes for local, nationwide long distance, and international calls.

3 – Service is unreliable

The best SIP service providers use redundant carrier networks and data centers. This means that in the event of a disaster, a backup network is instantly deployed. As a result, local disruptions in service will have little or no impact on your business.

4 – New PBX Hardware is required

You do not have to purchase a new PBX system to support SIP trucking. If your PBX is less than seven years old or so, it is likely IP enabled and already has SIP trunking support.  If it had an Ethernet or data jack, this is probably the case. If it is not SIP enabled, all you have to do is use a small, inexpensive device called an analog telephone adapter (ATA) to SIP enable your legacy PBX or key system.  In fact, SIP trunking can even be used with several of the free, open source PBX software solutions that run on dedicated appliances or the hardware of your choice.

5 – In-house telephony experts are required to deploy and manage SIP trunking

Perhaps this was once the case, but now the most popular SIP trunk solutions come with easy to use dashboards that allow someone with even a basic understanding of the company’s communications set up to add, move, or eliminate sip trunks. With some solutions, set up is so easy that a free trial is offered. The best providers also offer assistance with setup and ongoing maintenance of the service.

6 – It is cutting edge technology

For people not immersed in business communications, SIP trunking can sound like a novel, new, and therefore risky approach.  However, the opposite is in fact the case.  Research firm, Infonetics, has revealed that 58 percent of U.S. businesses will adopt SIP trunks in 2015. For SIP trunking, the chasm has been crossed.

Businesses considering SIP trunks for their communications infrastructure should not be dissuaded by these myths, no matter how often they are repeated. SIP.US customers have the added benefit of a free trial to help set aside any concerns and give them confidence that they’ve made a reliable, cost-effective and, easy to use choice for their business.

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