Why SIP Trunking is Smart

shutterstock_71137408It seems the world is getting smart. We’ve got smart TVs, smart watches, smart homes and smart cars. It’s almost a certainty that the phone in your pocket or in your purse is smart.  But, what about the one on your desk? The business phone is arguably the most important piece of office equipment you use. Could it be smarter? Very likely it could with the use of SIP trunking.  Here’s why SIP trunking is smart.

Saving Money is Smart

Paying more than you have to for something is dumb, but many businesses are doing exactly that. The traditional PRI lines that connect most business phone systems to the public telephone network are expensive and come with high-cost, variable, long distance charges. SIP trunks on the other hand, are much less expensive and do exactly the same thing, connect your business phone system to the public telephone network. They do it with low or no long-distance charges and predictable monthly billing. Why pay more for than you have to or be surprised by each monthly bill?

Short Commitments are Smart

Many companies would like to move to SIP, but they can’t because they have long term PRI contracts with carriers. It’s in the carrier’s best interest to tie customers up for as long as possible.  If you have the opportunity to dump this kind of onus commitment, it’s a smart idea. SIP channels from SIP.US, are paid for monthly and can be cancelled anytime.

Flexibility is Smart

Unlike PRI lines, which are purchased in groups of 24, SIP channels can be purchased one at a time if you like. This gives your business the flexibility to purchase, and pay for, only the number of lines that you need. What’s more, you can add lines at any time, so you can keep up with the communications needs of your business.

Data Driven Decisions are Smart

The best SIP trunking providers give customers access to call data records (CDRs), which can be useful in understanding communication needs and business activities. Real time access to this information helps managers make staffing decisions, measure employee productivity, and predict future telecommunications needs.

It’s no wonder that smart businesses of all sizes are turning to SIP trunking. If you’re ready to consider it for your business, we’re happy to help determine if it is right for you.

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