The 12 Joys of SIP Trunking

office-giftIf you are looking for the perfect gift for your business this holiday season, you’ve come to the right place. Making the move to SIP trunks is the gift that will keep on giving for years to come.  Here are twelve reasons that SIP trunking will keep a smile on your face long after the holidays have come and gone.

1 – Lower Costs

SIP trunking reduces business communications costs by as much as 60%. (Here are a few ways you can spend all the money you’ll save.)

2 – Scalability

Because SIP is sold by the single channel, rather than in blocks of 23 lines like traditional phone systems, you can get, and pay for, only the number of channels you need and add or remove channels at any time.

3 – No Contracts

The best SIP trunking vendors want to earn your business every single month, so there are no long-term contracts and you can cancel your account at any time.

4 – Low Upfront Costs

SIP Trunking will probably work with your existing PBX system and router and the set-up fees for SIP Trunks are minimal. (If a vendor tries to charge more than the prices listed here, run.)

5 – Countless PBX Options

SIP trunks work well with any IP enabled PBX system, most systems made in the last 10 years. But even if your PBX is older, you can still take advantage of SIP. You just need a small, inexpensive device called an Analog Telephony Adapter (ATA).

6 – Unified Communications

With SIP, you can take your communications beyond voice and enjoy video, instant messaging, presence, email integration, and other sophisticated unified communications features.

7 – Toll Fraud Protection

Toll fraud is a serious problem for businesses. The best SIP solutions include built-in toll fraud protection to identify and stop suspicious activity.

8 – Predictable Monthly Costs

Not only will your communications costs be lower, you’ll be able to accurately predict how much they will be from month to month. The number of channels, not call volume, will determine your costs. (Additional charges for international calls do apply.)

9 – Call Data Records

If you find the right platform, you’ll be able to gain valuable insight into your business activities by leveraging call data records produced by the SIP control panel. This lets you make data-driven decisions about staffing and helps with training and performance evaluation.

10 – Automated Failover

Some SIP systems can be configured to failover to landlines or mobile phones in the event of a power failure at your office or other system event.

11 – Hassle Free Administration

Moves, adds, and changes can all be handled in an online administration platform. Look for a solution that is easy to use and doesn’t require deep telephony knowledge to manage.

12 – Free Trial

Don’t take our word for it. Before you sign up for SIP trunking request a free trial so that you can experience any solution that you consider for yourself.

We’d like to wish all of our readers a safe and happy holiday season and a prosperous (SIP enabled) 2017!

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