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What Is a VoIP Number and Do You Need One?

Learning to embrace new types of technology is essential to any thriving business. For instance, VoIP numbers have become highly popular in recent years among business owners. In particular, according to Tech Co., “Nearly a full third of businesses currently use VoIP systems: 31 percent.”

Additionally, the US added over 35 million VoIP lines between 2010 and 2018, bringing the total to 41.6 million. In other words, VoIPs are officially big business. So, if you’re a small business owner wondering “what is a VoIP number,” continue to read.

What Is a VoIP Number?

For those who are yet unfamiliar, a Voice over Internet Protocol or VoIP is an internet-based phone service that involves using broadband internet instead of a regular connection or landline phone. Therefore, users can enjoy phone service as long as their internet is functional.

VoIP numbers work by sending the text or audio as data over the internet. Previously, those using VoIP numbers also needed a physical phone that had to be connected using an ethernet cable. However, it is possible to access VoIP numbers using a smartphone app these days. Moreover, VoIP numbers are highly customizable. 

In other words, users can pay for the services they need rather than being forced to pay for the features they don’t. Individuals often use these as a way to create a second phone number, while businesses use them to replace their existing landline phones totally.

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Benefits of VoIP Systems

Once you know the answer to the question, “what is a VoIP number,” you need to understand its benefits, some of which are as follows:

  • Rapid Upscaling: Upscaling is one of the top goals for most small businesses. Nevertheless, upscaling can be highly difficult to keep up with when it happens rapidly. Luckily, VoIPs are designed with upscaling in mind. In particular, VoIPs were created to keep up with the rapid upscaling that is common to small businesses without the high up-front costs. As a result, companies also do not have to worry about investing in expensive equipment. Moreover, they are also great for companies that repeatedly expand during certain seasons. For instance, if you have a company that does much higher volumes of business during tax season, using a VoIP will allow you to easily upscale for the season and downscale once the season is over.
  • Empowering Small Business Owners: Another benefit of using VoIP numbers is that it empowers small business owners. In particular, VoIP numbers allow small businesses to access features that were once too costly for smaller companies. So, for instance, if you need features such as video conferencing or instant messaging, purchasing a VoIP number can be a great way to get these features instantly. Moreover, they also allow your employees to answer the phones, no matter where they are.
  • Boost Customer Service: VoIP numbers also make it possible for companies to improve their level of customer service. For instance, companies can extend their customer service hours by allowing customers to respond to customers remotely. This is a great way to reduce call waiting time and also a way to make your company more responsive and accessible overall.
  • Worldwide Accessibility: VoIP numbers also make it possible for small businesses to conduct business on an international scale. Rather than being bombarded with hefty fees and costs, a VoIP number can make it possible for you to communicate and do business with people from all across the globe. In addition, since VoIP numbers are remote worker-friendly, you and your employees can literally travel anywhere in the world and still access the phone lines via the internet and a computer or smartphone.
  • Save Time and Manpower: Using traditional landlines requires lots of manpower. You have to do things manually, such as checking voicemails regularly. If not, the voicemail can become full, which reflects poorly on your business and the level of customer service you provide. However, by investing in a VoIP number, you will gain access to features such as unified messaging, which sends your voicemails as emails, allowing you to listen or forward them to others at your leisure easily.

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Disadvantages of VoIP Numbers

When searching for answers to the question, “what is a VoIP number,” it is easy to get caught up in their advantages. However, there are actually some negative aspects of purchasing a VoIP number. Some of them are:

  • Emergency Call Service: One of the top drawbacks of VoIP numbers is that they do not necessarily include emergency call service. Nevertheless, if you take the time to check with your service provider, they will let you know your options to rectify this issue.
  • Internet Dependency: Another slight drawback associated with VoIP numbers is the fact that you need the internet for it to be fully functional. For the most part, most businesses have robust internet connections, so this is a rare problem. However, if there are outages or other disruptions in your internet service, you will not be able to use your VoIP number during this time.

Either way, VoIP numbers are highly reliable. In addition, they offer crisp, clear communication that doesn’t lag or include dead zones, unlike other communication systems. While no technology is perfect, VoIP numbers are one of the most reliable types of phone service available.

Who Needs a VoIP Number?

Now that you know what a VoIP number is, are you wondering whether or not you should invest in it? Here is a list of all who benefit the most from investing in them.

Small Businesses

As mentioned, one of the top people who benefit from investing in VoIP’s is the small business owner. This is because it allows small businesses to rapidly upscale, saves time and manpower, boosts customer service, and much more. Also, it makes it possible for them to communicate with people from all across the globe remotely. Investing in a VoIP number can be very powerful as it lets a small business remain competitive with large franchises and conglomerates.

Short-Staffed Businesses

VoIP numbers are not just great for small businesses. Rather, they are suitable for any business that may be short-staffed. For instance, if you have a large company that has recently lost employees or are operating at a lesser capacity to allow you to adhere to social distancing restrictions, a VoIP number may be a godsend. Investing in a VoIP number will allow you to employ remote workers who can operate the phones, while your in-house employees are free to work with customers who are visiting your location in person.

Those Looking to Save Money

Additionally, if you are looking for a way to save money, purchasing a VoIP number for your home may be a great idea. VoIP numbers are much more cost-effective than traditional landlines or even smartphones. Therefore, if you have an internet connection at home and are looking for low-cost phone service, investing in a VoIP number is highly recommended.

Choose the Software That Actually Does What It Promises

Overall, VoIPs are highly beneficial tools for businesses and individuals from all walks of life. If you are searching for a premium-quality VoIP service, SIP.US is here to help. Offering flexible communications and key integrations, such as voice-enabled Microsoft Teams, purchasing SIP trunking services from us is always a step in the right direction. There is no need to worry about subpar, unreliable service. We offer top-notch SIP trunking services that include predictable pricing, telemarketing support, Microsoft Teams Integrations fast set-up, ultimate flexibility, and more. Contact us today for a quote and more information on getting your VoIP number today!

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