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Do I need a SIP trunk?

SIP trunking is a technology that is increasingly important for individuals and organizations around the world to understand. This is especially the case as Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) looks set to replace the public switched telephone network (PSTN) in many countries by the mid-2020s

But is a SIP trunk a solution that your business needs to invest in right now? 

First of all, what is SIP trunking? 

SIP stands for Session Initiation Protocol, which is a protocol used in VoIP communications allowing users to make (mostly free) voice and video calls. This protocol establishes sessions and manages signaling, in addition to terminating the connection at the end of sessions. 

As for SIP trunking, the term “trunk” is something of a misnomer in VoIP technology; it is derived from older technology where a “trunk” was a physical bundle of wires connecting the organization to the phone carrier. 

A SIP trunk does not consist of physical wires, instead taking the form of an Internet connection to the Internet telephony service provider (ITSP). Nonetheless, the term “SIP trunking” has gained broad acceptance in the VoIP community. 

Why might you require a SIP trunk? 

Here at SIP.US, we provide a leading SIP trunking service for IP-PBX (Private Branch Exchange) systems and analog/digital gateways. There are various reasons why you may wish to have a new SIP trunk provisioned at your organization, including so that you can: 

  • Save costs. Financial benefits have long been among the most frequently cited reasons among organizations deciding to invest in SIP trunking; past research has even suggested SIP can deliver savings of 50% for businesses compared to private rate interface (PRI) telephony. Your own company may be very attracted to the prospect of immediately and significantly lowering the recurring costs of voice communications. Don’t forget that our own SIP trunks at SIP.US also come with a free trial allowing for up to 60 minutes of calling. 
  • Boost flexibility and scalability. You might also invest in a SIP trunk for the ability that it gives your organization to quickly scale up or down in accordance with its current needs. That might include rapidly adding a new telephone number, which you can do with us by querying our number inventory by state and area code, choosing the one that you want, and purchasing it. On completing this process, you will be able to use the new number straight away. It’s also a straightforward task to add channels to an unlimited SIP trunk.   
  • Enhance security. If you fear that IP phone lines may pose an information security risk to your business, it’s well worth considering SIP trunking as a more secure alternative to analog phone lines. Our automated systems at SIP.US keep an eye out in real time for international call fraud; if they detect suspicious activity, immediate action is taken to kill unauthorized calls, shut off international calling on the customer’s trunk, and alert both the customer and our Network Operations Center. 

Are you confident that a SIP trunk could represent a wise investment for your own organization’s communications? If so, don’t wait any longer to get started with a free SIP trunk account with us – or call 800-566-9810 for a more in-depth discussion of your requirements with our team. 

Free SIP Trunk in 60 Seconds

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