What You Should Know About SIP Trunking Reviews

SIP trunking reviewsOne of the countless benefits of the Internet is the ability for consumers of goods and services to easily connect with each other and share their experiences.  People read reviews before booking a hotel, purchasing a car, hiring a mechanic or joining a gym.  The popularity of sites like Yelp! and Angie’s List signal the fact the we rely, more than ever on the wisdom of the crowd for all sorts of purchases.  So we won’t be surprised if you go out looking for SIP trunking reviews before you select a service.  Good thinking!  There are, however a few things you might take into account before you start skimming reviews.

There Aren’t Many SIP Trunking Reviews Out There

Compared to other industries, there just aren’t a lot of SIP trunking reviews online.  There are some on sites that are dedicated to VoIP in general, but no sites dedicated to SIP specifically.  In fact, this blog will probably rank well on Google for “SIP Vendor Reviews” because it doesn’t look like anyone has used the term.  We think there are a few reasons for this.

  • SIP does not exist in a vacuum.  It is part of a communications infrastructure that involves the PBX and the broadband connection.  Although each component bares a distinct responsibility, it can be difficult for users to comment separately on each.
  • It’s hard to get emotional about SIP.  We hate to admit this one, but even the most perfect experience with a SIP vendor is unlikely to cause fireworks.  Quite satisfaction, certainly, but unbridled enthusiasm?  Sigh.
  • There’s not much overlap in the Venn diagram of people who purchase and administer SIP solutions and those who write reviews.

Perhaps as SIP continues to gain more popularity, the number of online reviews will grow.  Maybe if you select SIP.US and are quietly satisfied, you’ll write a review.  Until then, SIP purchasers may have to look a little harder or rely on customer testimonials provided by vendors as support.

Review Sites Aren’t All What They Seem

Let us start by saying, what we are about to share is not intended to be an excuse for any negative SIP trunking reviews about SIP.US.  We couldn’t find any.  (In preparation for this blog, we really tried.  We did find some good ones.)    But here are a couple of things you should know about review sites generally.

  • Many “Top 10” style sites are pay-to-play.  Much like advertising drives rank for paid search terms on Google, advertising often has a direct correlation to rank on review sites.  That doesn’t mean the products aren’t great, but it is an important data point to consider.
  • Some sites geared around negative reviews offer advantages to business that pay them.  Pissedconsumer.com is a good example.  (It doesn’t have many SIP trunking reviews, likely for the reasons we mentioned above.)  The opportunity for your business to respond to a reviewer before the review is posted can be yours for the low, low price of … well, they don’t exactly say.  You’ll need a “custom quote.”  But, you can have your responses posted pubically for $250 a month.

So What Can You Do?

If finding legitimate and useful SIP trunking reviews is so difficult, what can a careful purchaser do?  We are certainly happy to provide you with testimonials from our clients.  In addition, we recommend:

  • Ask your networks if they have any experience with the vendors you consider.  The world is growing smaller and you just might find a personal connection with some experience.
  • Select a vendor that offers a free trial.  This way, you’ll be certain that the solution, and the vendor will meet your needs.
  • Be cognizant of contract terms.  Just in case things go awry, you want to be able to cancel your service at any time.

Let us know if you find any sites with particularly helpful SIP trunking reviews.  If (or when) you are a SIP.US customer, we’d love for you to share your experience with others looking to select the right SIP trunking provider.

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