Tis the Season to Delight Your Customers – A Few Easy Tips

Holiday communication tipsThis is a blog about SIP trunking and business communications, so you might not think we’d be that interested in how you can provide great customer service during the holidays, but we really are. We talk to customers all of the time about how they are able to leverage their business phone system and other communications channels to share important information with customers, help them get the quick service they need at this busy time of year, and generally create a welcoming and pleasant experience.

Here are some quick and easy tips.

Make Sure Your Auto Attendant States Your Holiday Hours

Many businesses are open longer during the holiday shopping season. Some take a few days off or close early on the eve of the big day. If either (or both) of these is the case for your business, be sure to let your callers know by stating your seasonal hours on your automated attendant.

Update Your Hold Messages

While most businesses try to keep time spent on hold to a minimum, some hold time is usually inevitable. Why not make good use of this time by promoting any special deals or seasonal offers? It also doesn’t hurt to add a message of warm wishes and gratitude. If you want to add some professional polish to your hold messages, there are inexpensive professional voice services available. We really like Snap Recordings.

Encourage the Use of Email Auto-Responders

Lots of folks take vacation time during the holidays. Automated email responders are a great way to set the right expectations in the minds of customers, partners, and others who communicate with your employees via email. Don’t forget to turn on auto responders for generic addresses like support@company.com or sales@company.com if these boxes won’t be attended to on days that the company is closed.

Leverage Your Online Properties

Your website and social media networks offer another great channel for sharing information about your operations during the season and promoting your most exciting offers. Be sure that your hours are correct on every online property you own.

Prepare for the Unexpected

This is definitely not the time of year that you want phones to go unanswered in the event that a weather emergency or other unplanned event keeps people out of the office. Take the time to make sure that your phone system is all set up to route calls to other offices, mobile devices, or home phone numbers in case something goes wrong at the office.

Get Prepared for 2017

This time of year is an excellent opportunity to reassess your communications needs and ensure that your systems will be enough to support your growth plans for 2017. If you are still using a traditional land-line system with expensive carrier contracts and obligations, consider giving your business the gift of reduced costs and increased flexibility made possible by SIP trunking.

These are just a few of the ways you can make life easy for your customers and employees amidst the hustle and bustle that surrounds us all this time of year. We wish you all a happy, safe, and prosperous holiday season.

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