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7 Things To Look For In a SIP Provider

May 14, 2014

If your business already uses a broadband Internet connection, SIP Trunking may be a good fit for you. Who will be your SIP Provider? SIP Trunking is…

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8 Important Things You Didn't Know About Sip Trunking

May 13, 2014

SIP Trunking is a protocol for connecting VOIP Telephone systems to the circuit based Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) that normal telephone service is based…

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The Top 10 Benefits to Using Call Tracking

March 19, 2014

One thing that has become a big deal in marketing recently is call tracking. It allows you to use unique phone numbers to track exactly…

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Cloud SIP – Extend the Life of Your Legacy Phone System

March 17, 2014

In the current competitive environment, every minute counts. Businesses look to cloud capabilities to synchronize data between legacy systems. Companies investing in new communications infrastructure…

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Why SIP over PRI (Primary Rate Interface)

March 13, 2014

SIP has spelled the end of the road for Primary Rate Interface (PRI) Representing the Public Switched Telephone Network, the primary rate interface, or PRI,…

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Top 5 Indicators You Need SIP Trunking

March 7, 2014

Session internet protocol, more commonly referred to as SIP trunking, is a communication option available to businesses, one that is more capable and more technologically…

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10 Myths About SIP Trunking

February 21, 2014

SIP trunking and VoIP services have been receiving plenty of attention recently. However, in spite of its burgeoning popularity, some common misconceptions about SIP trunking…

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10 Signs You Should Invest In a SIP Trunk

February 20, 2014

Session initiation protocol, or SIP, is widely viewed as the future of communication. Instead of dealing with slow and outdated copper lines, those who use…

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5 Things About a SIP Account Your Boss Wants To Know

February 19, 2014

Businesses traditionally exchanged information electronically in two ways: exchanging data by using a communications network or talking on a phone. The architectures for data and…

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SIP Server Defined

February 17, 2014

The SIP Server is an alternative to the traditional telecommunications protocols commonly used in telecommunications among businesses. The scalable solution can be implemented at a…

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