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What SIP Trunking Customers Can Be Grateful for this Thanksgiving

November 24, 2015

This week many Americans will spend time thinking about all of the things and people that we’re thankful to have in our lives. Hopefully, we’ll…

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VoIP Conventional Wisdom: True or False?

November 16, 2015

Don’t worry, this isn’t a pop quiz. We just thought it might be helpful to talk about the things that people often say about VoIP,…

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The 5 Best Reasons to Consider SIP for Your Small Business

November 10, 2015

Every small business is unique and each faces its own set of technical challenges. When it comes to business communications, many are choosing to move…

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What Sets SIP.US Apart?

November 3, 2015

We’re not going to lie. You have a bunch of choices when it comes to selecting a SIP trunking vendor. If you aren’t a telecommunications…

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Get Started with SIP Trunking in 7 Easy Steps

October 27, 2015

We frequently talk to people who are excited about the benefits that SIP trunking can bring to their business, but are unsure about how to…

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Persistent Myths about SIP Trunks – Busted

October 21, 2015

It may not shock you to learn that we sometimes use stock photography to add a little visual interest to our blogs. If you don’t…

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Forward to the Future – What Telecommunications Will be Like in 10 Years

October 13, 2015

The Internet has dubbed October 21st “Back to the Future Day.”  It marks the date that Doc and Marty travel to in “Back to the…

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SIP Trunking Best Practices

September 30, 2015

There are enormous benefits to using SIP trunking for your business communications in terms of cost, flexibility and ease of use. But we’re not going…

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5 Reasons to Hang Up on Traditional Phone Lines for your Business

September 22, 2015

Consumers the world over are dumping traditional phone lines in favor of mobile devices and VoIP. In fact, 10 years ago 9 out of 10…

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The 2 Worst Pieces of Advice We’ve Ever Heard about SIP

September 15, 2015

We are technology enthusiasts in a business that relies on the internet, so it is safe to say we’re big fans of the World Wide…

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