How to Reduce Costs and Maximize Efficiency

SIP Trunk: How to Reduce Costs and Maximize Efficiency

Many business professionals invest a considerable amount of time and effort trying to reduce their overhead costs. With video conferencing, live chat, and other methods of digital collaboration increasingly vital in the workplace, numerous companies are slashing the cost of communication by taking their system to the cloud. 

Of the many options available, SIP trunks are considered one of the best workplace solutions. According to The Insight Partners, “The SIP trunking market was valued at US$ 13.44 billion in 2019 and is projected to reach US$ 30.22 billion by 2027.” This shows, of course, that the use of this advanced technology is only growing, and it brings with it decreased costs and increased productivity. Many businesses are finding that SIP Trunking is now an essential element of their business. 

Once you know what a SIP trunk is and how a streamlined platform works, it’s easy to see why you might want to consider investing in a SIP trunking service to help reduce your expenses and maximize efficiency.

What Are SIP Trunks?

Your legacy phone system relies on a complex network of physical wires to connect your company’s private branch exchange (PBX) with a public switched telephone network (PSTN). The equipment is expensive, the service is limited, and you could end up paying for phone lines you don’t use or features you don’t need. 

SIP trunking helps reduce operating costs by keeping your workforce connected without a landline service provider. SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) trunks give you all the functionality of a traditional telephone system, but instead of a physical “trunk” of bundled wires, incoming and outgoing calls are transmitted over the internet.

How SIP Trunking Could Help Reduce Your Business Expenses

To determine if SIP trunking is the best option for your business, first consider what you’re currently paying for your in-house phone system. Chances are you’re charged for every phone line, plus additional fees to enable long-distance services and the ability to make international calls, whether you’re using those features or not. 

As your system begins to degrade over time, you’ll also pay for the privilege of service calls, equipment repairs, and system upgrades. Those charges add up fast. Now that you’re thinking about how your phone bills are impacting your overhead costs, consider how the following benefits of SIP trunking could help reduce your expenses.

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Pay Only for Services You Need

Most telephone companies charge businesses for groups of PRI (primary rate interface) circuits. A typical circuit has 24 lines with the capacity to support 23 calls and one data channel simultaneously. When you need more connectivity, even a single line, you’ll have to contact your carrier and arrange for a technician to complete expensive upgrades to your copper cabling infrastructure. 

You’ll also pay an additional installation fee with every line activated. With SIP trunking, your “phone lines” are digital. You can add new phone numbers on demand within minutes. Features like advanced caller ID and voice mail services are also considerably more cost-effective.

No Unexpected Charges

Depending on your current provider, you could be paying a fee for every outgoing local call and by the minute for locations outside your area code. You could also be paying monthly equipment charges, state telecommunication surcharges, and by the call for directory assistance. You may not know your total expenses until the end of your billing cycle. 

With cloud-based SIP trunking, you won’t be slammed with unexpected charges. Most platforms offer unlimited local and long-distance calls. Although you’ll still pay a per-minute fee for some international calls, the rates are typically much lower than the fees charged by your local phone company. Plus, you can export real-time data records from a robust, user-friendly interface at any time.

Minimal Upfront Costs

The cost of converting to SIP trunking is far more affordable than you might expect. All you need is an internet connection, the services of a SIP trunking provider, and a SIP-enabled phone system. If you have a PBX system that was made in the 90s or later, your phones are probably SIP-enabled. Look for an ethernet or data jack. If your system is older, you may need to purchase a low-cost analog-to-telephone adaptor (ATA). 

If you don’t have a physical infrastructure, you can still take advantage of everything SIP trunking services offer with just about any softphone application. Your people can access your SIP trunk platform with any compatible device.

How SIP Trunking Helps Maximize Business Efficiency

The key to succeeding in nearly any business requires minimizing your overhead costs without compromising the integrity of your products or the quality of your services. When you make the switch to SIP trunking, not only are you reducing the high cost of communication, but you’re also investing in the ability to integrate the wide range of access technologies dominating today’s telecom markets. 

Before SIP, most businesses relied on separate structures for voice and data. With a SIP platform, it’s easy to create a high-performance multimedia architecture, a communication system that helps maximize overall efficiency in several ways.

Collaborating More Efficiently

A single SIP session can contain any combination of media. Anyone initiating a collaborative session can change the method of communication at any time. With the push of a single key, your team members can connect with anyone on their contact list, individually or in groups, through a real-time network that’s always available. They can also “log-in” with their assigned phone number from any compatible device, an important consideration when your business relies on efficient collaboration between team members working remotely.

Less Risk of Service Disruptions  

When every interaction matters, technical failures and power outages can be detrimental. Investing in SIP technology helps keep your business operational by offering multiple layers of protection. Instead of having to wait for hours, days, or even weeks at a time for a technician to restore your connectivity, your SIP phone service will continue to function. If your internet service goes down for any reason, your SIP platform can redirect your calls to your mobile phone in real-time or to an office in another location.

Increasing Overall Productivity

Streamlining your capabilities with SIP trunking also helps increase overall productivity by saving time. You’ll have a single control panel to manage phone numbers instantly, adapt your services, or modify your billing preferences. Your Call Data Records (CDRs) give you a near real-time account of all business communications, including your incoming and outgoing calls. You can use this valuable information to help streamline your workflow. Plus, your staff will have access to important company resources from any location, including any fax services, voice-to-email capabilities, or business SMS (short message service) you choose to provide.

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Use SIP Trunking to Help Your Business Reduce Costs and Maximize Efficiency

If your business could benefit from a simple, straightforward upgrade that helps slash expenses and maximize efficiency, consider modernizing your communication system with SIP trunk technology. Although you’re sure to find numerous companies offering a wide range of services, it’s important to choose wisely. The best SIP trunk providers excel in customer service, offer a Tier 1 network, and help protect your business with an automated system designed to detect and deter fraudulent activity.

Our service works with any broadband connection, there’s no setup fee, and you can add, remove, and upgrade your channels as your business needs evolve. To experience the benefits of a SIP trunking platform that integrates with your existing telephone system, visit for a free, no-obligation trial

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