10 Myths About SIP Trunking

SIP trunking and VoIP services have been receiving plenty of attention recently. However, in spite of its burgeoning popularity, some common misconceptions about SIP trunking still exist. Here are ten myths about SIP trunking that remain today.

1. There is Not Much to Gain From Switching to SIP TrunkingSIP Trunking Myths

This just simply isn’t true as there are many benefits of SIP trunking and VoIP, such as savings gained from converging data and voice services into one network. With SIP trunking, there’s no need for costly T1s.

2. Poor Call Quality

Unlike Skype and other rudimentary services that openly run via the Internet, SIP trunking travels along private IP networks or controlled Internet gateways specifically engineered for the quality-of-service and bandwidth features needed for quality voice service.

3. SIP Trunking is Too Complicated

SIP trunking actually streamlines your communications architecture by converging services from separate networks into a single network with simple requirements. In the end, it is a relatively simple process that can deliver business-grade speech quality.

4. SIP Trunks are Subject to Dead Zones

Managed IP networks and SIP trunks provide coverage for the majority of large business centers throughout the U.S. and the rest of the world. In cases where reciprocity agreements or IP connections don’t exist, the PSTN can receive the VoIP call and hand it back again.

5. Interoperability is an Issue

This isn’t an issue when equipment is supplied by a vendor that rigorously tests for interoperability by working with ITSPs to examine a wide array of call scenarios. By opting for a tested and certified solution, you are guaranteed to save yourself hours trying to figure out why your features won’t work and why you can’t receive a dial tone.

6. SIP Trunking Services are More Costly

While this would be a convenient excuse for enterprises still holding onto archaic systems, SIP trunking is able to shave the voice budget of many enterprises by up to 40 percent. SIP trunks allow you to save on both traffic and access costs. By eliminating PTSN gateways, PRI trunks, and various service provider contracts, SIP trunking actually reduces the UC total cost of ownership for businesses.

7. It Exposes Communications to Vulnerabilities

In all honesty, SIP trunking does just the opposite, increasing the resiliency of communications. By deploying several SIP trunks, you are able to switch between trunks if a disruption occurs. Some enterprises even have a central and a local SIP trunk at different sites, allowing traffic to switch to the central location if the local trunk goes down. Trunks are also capable of load balancing traffic.

8. Still Need Legacy Trunks

SIP trunks actually act as complete replacements for legacy TDM trunks, allowing you to consolidate your PTSN connections and extend unified communications across the company. Following H.323 and TDM trunks, SIP trunks represent the third generation of VoIP trunking.

9. Calls Must be Made Between Two VoIP Systems to Gain Cost Benefits

Many people are under the misconception that SIP trunking is only practical by retaining many of the “standard” telephone lines. This may be true for some VoIP systems, but many others are compatible with different ITSPs, which eliminates this potential problem. With many SIP trunking and VoIP services, office personnel can make calls to anyone with a phone, including mobile phones and overseas landlines.

10. SIP Trunking isn’t Widely Used

While traditional PSTN and ISDN lines are still quite normal, SIP trunking is quickly taking over and becoming the new communications standard. It is not a question of if SIP trunking will dominate communications. Rather, it’s about when it will become the de facto standard for organizations across the country.

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