What To Avoid With SIP Service Providers

If your business uses a broadband Internet connection and analog phone service, you may be able to save Avoid SIP Service Providersmoney by using a SIP service.  SIP services eliminate your regular connection to the phone network, and routes your phone calls through your broadband Internet connection.  SIP service providers often charge significantly less money for phone service, and may offer higher call quality and additional services as well.  With that being said, there are quite a few SIP service providers who are not reliable enough for your business to depend on.  If your voice phone service is mission-critical, you must have a phone service provider who is up to the task.

If you choose to use SIP for your voice phone service, it will usually be significantly less expensive than traditional phone service.  When choosing between SIP service providers, you should avoid these potential red flags.

Free Phone Service

A quick Google search for SIP service will lead you to many providers who claim that they will give you SIP service for free.  This may seem tempting at first, but it is probably not a good deal.  A company that charges nothing for voice phone service is most likely using the service as a marketing tool.  If you do not intend to sign up for some of the other services they provide, you may find that they are unwilling to commit to a long-term relationship with your business.

Companies That Offer Too Many Services

As alluded to earlier, some companies that offer a variety of services may use free SIP service as a marketing ploy.  Some companies that offer SIP service along with many other communication protocols do so in hopes that at least one of the services they provide will be profitable.  In either case, you should not rely on a service provider who does not have the service you need as one of their core competencies.

Providers With Little History

SIP service is still a relatively young technology; it was invented in 1996.  No company that provides SIP service exclusively was even in existence 10 years ago, so you will never find a company with decades of experience, as you could with traditional phone service.  On the other hand, you should be wary of a provider that does not have at least some experience providing SIP service, especially one that doesn’t deliver it via the cloud.

SIP phone service has the potential to save your business a large amount of money.  The savings can be tempting, but do not allow the promise of enormous savings to cloud your judgment.  When choosing an SIP provider, avoid these three issues, and choose a high-quality provider with a bright future.

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